About Swansea Channel Practice

Hours of Business: Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5:00pm

Last appointment is taken at 5.00 pm Consultation is by appointment only.

Patients must report to the Front Desk before taking a seat.



FACILITIES Under cover parking is located at the rear of the building.

Toilets are located to the left of reception, down the hallway to the right, last door on the left. The Disabled Toilet is first and contains a Baby Change Table, for access to this please ask Reception. Two Unisex Toilets are located next to the disabled toilet. 

ABOUT US: At Swansea Channel Practice we aim to provide the highest standard of patient care, by using methods, materials and equipment that are accurate and up to date. We are committed to promoting overall health and disease prevention to all patients. 

We believe that ethical and responsible behaviour by all staff is essential in maintaining your trust and loyalty. 


When you become a patient of Swansea Channel Practice you will be asked to complete a comprehensive Patient Registration Form. 

This asks for your personal details and a series of detailed questions in relation to your past medical history and current medications etc. We also ask for your written consent to release your personal and health information to other health professionals that you may be referred to from time to time, so that your care and treatment can be continued. In an emergency we will release personal information about you to facilitate your care. 

It is necessary for us to collect and keep this information to ensure that the Doctor and Nursing Staff involved in your treatment have all the facts to manage your care. We rely on you to provide us with as much information as possible to help us provide the right care for you.

 Every time you attend our Medical Practice, new information about you will be added to your computerised medical record. 

In accordance with the standards set by the RACGP’s Code for General Practices 3rd Edition your Medical Records will be kept for a minimum of seven (7) years from the date of your last consultation or if in the case of a minor until the patient has reached the age of twenty five (25) years. 

The Swansea Channel Practice has an appropriate method of destruction prior to disposal of material containing patient health information.

All staff at the Swansea Channel Practice are bound by the Privacy and Confidentiality Act to ensure patient privacy is maintained.  

Consultation is by appointment only. Urgent cases will be seen whenever possible on the day. Long Appointments are available for certain issues and procedures at the Doctors discretion. Patients who believe that they may require a longer consultation due to a complex health problem, or needing forms to be completed, should advise our reception staff of this at the time of making the appointment. Our reception staff will advise you at this time if you require a longer appointment. If more than one family member wishes to see the doctor separate appointments will be required.


You should treat your appointment time as an attendance time only. As our Doctors treat our patients as individuals and we aim at providing quality care we do at times run late. Rest assured, when it comes to your turn, the Doctor will give your problem the time it deserves. 

During these times we ask that you are patient with our staff, treat them with the respect that they deserve and understand that our girls on the front desk are NOT responsible for the delay. 

The Swansea Channel Practice has a Zero Tolerance Policy on Aggressive and Abusive Behaviour towards any member of our staff, and any person exhibiting this form of behaviour may be asked to leave the premises and will not be seen by the Doctor. 

In these circumstances legal action may be taken. 

By utilizing the latest equipment and methods, we are able to provide a full range of patient services & procedures. Most, if not all services are able to be completed in our Practice.

Our services include, but are not limited to: 
  • Comprehensive Skin Checks
  • Minor Surgical Proceedures
  • Women and Men's Health Checks
  • PAP Smear and Breast Examinations
  • Childrens Health
  • Adult and Child Immunisations
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Employer and Licence Medicals
  • Dive Recreation Medicals
  • Insurance Medicals
  • ECG's
  • Lung Function Tests
  • Standard Blood Tests
  • Asthma Management Plans
  • Diabetic Checks
  • Antenatal Care
  • Health Assessments for Over 75's
If for some reason we are unable to fully fulfil your request, we are able to refer you for further investigations or a consultation with a Specialist or other Health Professional. Please don't hesistate to contact us if you are unsure of the suitability of your visit to Swansea Channel Practice.  

LEVEL A Consultation: $40.00


LEVEL B Consultation: $75.00

LEVEL C Consultation: $106.00

LEVEL D Consultation: $135.00 


Non Attendance Fee: If patients continue to book appointments and do not cancel the booked appointment within two (2) hours of the designated appointment time a Non Attendance Fee of $50 will be charged after the second missed appointment. No further appointments will be given until this fee is paid. For a comprehensive list of our fees please ask for a copy at our reception desk or dowload a copy off our site under 'Documents'. 


At times the doctor may need to refer you for further investigations or a consultation with a Specialist or other Health Professional which incur costs for the treatments and investigations that they provide. It is up to the individual to meet this cost and you should ask about the exact cost involved when you make the appointment with the specialist.  

Under the Freedom of Information Act you have the right to access your medical record. If you choose to view your record in person you will need to make an appointment with your Doctor. All requests for access to medical records should be made via the Practice Manager. A fee may be charged for accessing and/or receiving a copy of your medical record.

LEGAL OBLIGATIONS: Swansea Channel Practice is required by law to release information about you if you have a reportable condition to the Department of Human Health Services, or if under law your medical records are subpoenaed for any legal reason. 

Most tests take a few days to be returned to the Doctor. It is recommended that patients make an appointment to discuss their results with the Doctor in person. Test results will not be given over the phone. If the Doctor wishes to see you regarding Test Results you will receive a phone call from one of our reception staff.  
It is the practice’s policy not to interrupt the Doctors while they are consulting. Our Receptionist will take a message and forward it to the Doctor at the end of each session. You may like to speak to the Practice Nurse if you require information.  
REMINDER SYSTEM:Our practice participates in national and state reminder systems/registers. Swansea Channel Practice offers a FREE SMS reminder system to all patients with a mobile number. Reminders can be for a variety of reasons such as procedures, blood tests vaccinations, pap smears, medical reviews etc. If you do not wish to participate in this service please speak to one of our staff.  
If you have a problem we would like to hear about it. 

Please feel free to talk to your Doctor, Practice Manager or the staff. You may prefer to write to us and if this is the case you will receive written acknowledgement of your complaint. 

If you feel that we have not taken your complaint seriously enough you may wish to register your complaint with the Health Care Complaints Commissioner, Locked Bag 18, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012.Phone 02 92197444. 

Your opinion is important to us and at times we will ask for patient feedback via surveys. This will let us know any areas where improvements can be made. 

The Swansea Channel Practice looks forward to a long healthy and happy association with you and your family members. 

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We pride ourselves in our ability to work as a team for better patient outcomes. The team are introduced on the